Work in progress pics – The cold expression Leonardo Dicaprio

Here is the step by step description of making of this realistic pastel artwork.

1) First thing first, getting proportions right.

So here use a scale to get the proportions right.

With a reference photo available, measure the ratio of proportions and get the best fit for the given paper.

So what are the main proportions?

1) distance between the eyes

2) distance between the eyeline and nose line

3) distance between the eyeline and the mouth line

4) distance between the eyeline and the chin

5) Distance between the eyeline and the forehead

6) The width of the face.

So this the first WIP where I have done all the mentioned above and have drawn an illustration using a graphite pencil.

2) Now after fixation of the proportions it’s time to add pastel.

Add the pastel slowly first covering the background and then coming to the face.

There is a reason for choosing dark background. For portrait its the one that looks best.

For the face one must use, chrome yellow, ivory, ochre, magenta, nougat, carmine red to get a realistic coloration. It depends upon the race of course but all skin colors are basically combination of these and vary in proportion.

3) Now blend the added colors using a white or an ivory pastel.

It’s not advisable to use fingers to blend. When excess dust is created just tap it slowly back to the surface by clean fingers.

4) Now from this point all the drawing is covered by pastel. It’s the time to add details. Now from here real fun begins!

Now as can you see a hint of realism is seen. It’s because of blending. Pastel blends really well and good to use for drawing skin.

5) More and more blending will cause more realism and smoothness. Now here one must use pastel pencils to do the details.

There were many in-between steps which I have skipped but the main thing here is trying to see as many details and putting them on paper.

6) Now here the drawing is near completion. The finishing part is a brutal one.

The difference between this one and the previous image is large. It all boils down to taking effort and putting that finishing.

7) See here finished version with materials

And see here the finished version

I hope this helps you

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