About the Artist Vishvesh



Hi i am Vishvesh Tadsare and welcome to my page! And since you are on my page i guarantee that “You will be entertained!” I am doing drawings on very interesting topics.

Why drawing?

I had love for drawings since childhood! But it all started in 2013 when i rediscovered my love for drawing and since then have never looked back!

Why pencil drawings?

Well lets just say that i just love the pencil. The incredible realism and the depth a pencil can give is truly remarkable and also drawings can be done at a fraction of cost of other media yielding results the same as in other media. The feeling of pencil on paper is just quite extraordinary, the combination of rough and smooth textures, the realism, the ‘popping out’ thing, the game of values are just unique to pencil art. Just a small box of your art materials, paper and of course you and there’s a doorway to wonderful art! Its this simplicity also does attract me.

Enjoy your stay here and feel as the beautiful good old home!


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