Hi I introduce myself as a pencil artist whose focus is realism in art. My name is Vishvesh and welcome to my blog! I can do almost all types of drawings from human portraits to animal ones from landscape to scenery and so on.

I focus on the realism aspects of this art. Now line art is a full branch of art but I love to add those details and the shadows and love that feeling when the art pops out from the page on reaching the desired realism!

Now the question arises why pencil art? Why not any other medium? Well when I was a small kid I started to draw and the first thing that I held to draw was a pencil!

OK now this is not the reason why I do it! But there is one important point and that is ‘I was in awe what a humble pencil could do’ although as a kid I could not achieve much 😉 Yes not even that old jeep drawing! At some point in time I did paintings in my college years but the feeling of pencil on paper is just quite extraordinary, the combination of rough and smooth textures, the realism, the ‘popping out’ thing, the game of values are just unique to pencil art.

To create pencil art all you need is a pencil and paper, I see an analogy to football! How? To play a game of football all you need is a ball and ground!

If I were to compare other medium of art with a sport it will be like cricket or baseball!

To play these sports in addition to ball and ground you require bats, gloves, pads and so on.

It the simplicity of pencil art that attracts me!

Just a small box of your art materials, paper and of course you and there’s a doorway to wonderful art!

Also pencil art completely nontoxic. All the other mediums have pigments, some of which contain dangerous metals, which can be harmful over a long period of time!

I am not saying that other media are bad but I don’t want to use potentially dangerous substances.

Pencil art is purely carbon either graphite or charcoal.

Here’s a short story of my pencil adventure if you don’t know me.

Born in Dec 1985, I did drawing in childhood as well as college years but they were way below satisfactory level.

I started drawing 2 years back and I started it so as to start again from what I had left over from my college!

And to my utter amazement the drawing I did (done with a single HB pencil) was a vast improvement from the one’s I completed in college!!

And after that there was no looking back and I experimented with drawing materials and papers only to have stabilized some three months back.

So here is the short intro, hope you like!

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See ya then 😀

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